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What is Website Security Consideration?

Websites are easily prone to security risks done by hacking your website. This comes under Cyber Crime. After hacking, virus is injected by installing malicious software or malware on your visitor’s computer.

Hackers will destroy the sensitive data and steal the credit card information and send illegal content to your users.

Security Considerations

Updated Software

Mandatory to keep the software updated to make the website more secure.

SQL Injection

Hackers inject the wrong data to manipulate your database which changes tables and delete important data.

Cross Site Scripting (XSS)

Hackers inject client side script into web pages. Better to ensure the submitted data is encoded and strip out any HTML.

Error Messages

You need to be careful about how much information to be given in the error messages. For example, if the user fails to log in the error message should not let the user know which field is incorrect: username or password.

Validation of Data

Validation should be done on both server and client side as well.


Passwords should be strict to requirements to make is secure such as minimum of eight characters,including lower and upper case and special character. This will help user in protecting his information in long run.

Upload files

User writing a script which when run on the server will open your website automatically using files.


Better practice to follow SSL protocol while sending sensitive information between website and web server.

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