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What is Website?

Web Server hosts many websites and website is a location. Website is a set of related web pages and is accessed using Internet address known as Uniform Resource Locator.

Static Websites

Static websites are known as stationary or flat websites which has only static information. They are loaded on client’s browser similarly to web server. As they are static, one cannot modify the content.

HTML is used for creating Static websites. They are used when there is no changes required in the information.

Website Overview

Dynamic Websites

Dynamic websites are dynamic in nature; a portion of webpage can be changed without loading the entire web page. Ajax is used for creating dynamic web pages.

Server-side dynamic web page

This is created by using server-side scripting that has parameters to determine how to assemble a new web page. This includes setting up of more client-side processing.

Client-side dynamic web page

JavaScript is used in processing client side scripting pages. These pages are then sent in to Document Object Model (DOM).

Website Overview

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