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What is Web development?

Web development includes building website and deploying it on the web using scripting languages at both server end and client end.

Web Development

Below are the guidelines to follow before developing a web site.

  • What to show on the web site?
  • Who will be the host?
  • How to make it interactive?
  • How to do coding?
  • How to create friendly website with search engine?
  • How to secure the source code in regular intervals?
  • Will all the browsers display the web site design?
  • Where the navigations menus are easy to use?
  • How quick the web site loads?
  • Will the printing of site pages easy?
  • Will the visitors find specific details of the web site easily?
  • Will the style sheets are used effectively?

Web Development Process

The process includes creating an attractive, effective and responsive website. Below diagram depicts the steps.

Web Development

Web development tools

These tools help in testing and debugging the web sites effectively. Latest browsers are coming with these tools as add-ons.

We can use HTML, CSS and JavaScript etc with the help of these tools. They can be accessed by hovering over an item on a web page and selecting “Inspect Element” from the menu.


Below are the common features that web development tool displays.


These tool allows the user to see the DOM as it was provided. User can make changes and can see it in the page reflected.


Web development tools also helps to inspect the resources that are loaded and available on the web page.


Profiling is to get the data about how the web page is performing and Auditing offers developers the suggestions for any optimizations to lessen the page load time and increase responsiveness.

Skills Required

Below are the skills needed to become a successful web developer-

  • User should have the knowledge of client and server side scripting.
  • To create, edit and alter the templates for a CMS or web development framework.
  • Testing cross browser inconsistencies.
  • Performing observational user testing.
  • Interacting with programs written in JavaScript, PHP and Jquery etc.

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