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What is Social Networking?

Grouping of individuals and organizations together using a medium for sharing thoughts, interests and activities is called Social Networking.

Today, there are many web based social network services in market such as twitter, facebook, linkedin etc. which are easy to use and more interactive. People are connected within country and overseas people as well. There are apps created for these network services to use it in mobile such as hike, Whatsapp etc.

Available Social networking Services

Below table explains the famous social networking services provided over web and mobile:

S.N. Service Description
1. Facebook
Allows to share text, photos, video etc. It also offers interesting online games.
2. Google+
It is pronounced as Google Plus. It is owned and operated by Google.
3. Twitter
Twitter allows the user to send and reply messages in form of tweets. These tweets are the small messages, generally include 140+ characters.
4. Faceparty
Faceparty is a UK based social networking site. It allows the users to create profiles and interact with each other using forums messages.
5. Linkedin
Linkedin is a business and professional networking site.
6. Flickr
Flickr offers image hosting and video hosting.
7. Ibibo
Ibibo is a talent based social networking site. It allows the users to promote one’s self and also discover new talent.
8. Whatsapp
It is a mobile based messaging app. It allows to send text, video, and audio messages
9. Line
It is same as whatsapp. Allows to make free calls and messages.
10. Hike
It is also mobile based messager allows to send messages and exciting emoticons.

Where Social Networking Helps

Following are the areas where social networking has become most popular:

Online Marketing

Websites allow users to create a page for a particular product, community or firm and market the product to promote it over the web.

Online Jobs

Linkedin is used mostly to create connections with professionals and helps in finding the perfect job based on one’s skills set.

Online News

Social networking sites are flooded with latest news which keeps the users updated.


Users can get in touch with their friends and family and communicate with them via messages.

Share Picture, Audio and video

Pictures, audio and video can be shared using social networking sites.

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