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What is Proxy Server?

There will be an intermediary server between client and the internet, this is called Proxy Server. Proxy servers provides the below basic functionalities:

  • Firewall and network data filtering.
  • Network connection sharing
  • Data caching

Proxy servers allow to hide, conceal and make your network id anonymous by hiding your IP address.

Purpose of Proxy Servers

Below are the reasons for using proxy servers:

  • Monitoring and Filtering
  • Improving performance
  • Translation
  • Accessing services anonymously
  • Security

Monitoring and Filtering

Several kind of filtering can be performed from Proxy Servers.

  • Content Filtering
  • Filttering encrypted data
  • Bypass filters
  • Logging and eavasdropping

Improving performance

Content is cached at regular intervals and this content is retrieved when the request was made by the client thus improving performance.


This helps in customizing the source site by taking away the source content or substituting the source content with original local content for the local users. In this the traffic from the users globally is routed to the source website through Translation proxy.

Accessing services anonymously

Using proxy server, the destination server receives the request from proxy server making it unaware of the information regarding the end user.


Hackers can’t hack the identity of the user as the Proxy server hides this information.

Type of Proxies

Below table explains on the types of proxies:

Forward Proxies

Forward Proxies are used when the client requests its internal network server to forward to the internet.


Open Proxies

Clients can conceal their IP address while browsing the web using Open Proxies.


Reverse Proxies

Here, the requests are sent to one or more proxy servers and the response from the proxy server is retrieved as if it came from the real server.



The proxy server architecture is classified into different modules as shown below:


Proxy user interface

This module has the control over and the manage the user interface and offers an simple and easy to use GUI. This menu provides the below functionalities:

  • Start proxy
  • Stop proxy
  • Exit
  • Blocking URL
  • Blocking client
  • Manage log
  • Manage cache
  • Modify configuration
  • Proxy server listener

This is the listener where the client browser is listened. This can also block the clients from the list given by user.

Connection Manager

It consists of the main functionality of the proxy server. It performs the below functionalities:

  • Reading the header of the client from the request.
  • Parsing the URL and knowing whether the URL is blocked or not.
  • Generating connections to the web server.
  • Read the response from the web server.
  • If no copy of page is found in the cache then download the page from web server else will check its last modified date from the reply header and accordingly will read from the cache or server from the web.

If the caching is not allowed, then the page is cached accordingly.

Cache Manager

This module takes care of storing, deleting, searching and clearing of web pages in the cache.

Log Manager

Log manager responsibilities are viewing, clearing and updating the logs.


Helps in creating configuration settings which let the other modules to perform required configurations like caching.

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