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What is Mailing List?

Mailing List the list of email addresses of a group of people. It is the list server which receives and distributes postings and automatically manages subscriptions.

Mailing list provides a forum where all the users over the globe can questions and answer others questions with shared interests.

Types of Mailing List

Below are the several types of mailing lists:


This list has the information about the people who responded to an offer in some way. These users are the customers who have similar interest in the specific product or service.


This is the list generated by collecting information from several sources such as surveys, telemarketing etc.


Customers in the list receive announcements of new products, coupons and other offers.


This list is for users for sharing their opinions on a particular topic such as envirnemnt, health, computer etc.

How does mailing list work?

Subscribing is mandatory to join a mailing list. You will receive the message if someone in the list posts a message and others will receive your message if you post any.


Finding Mailing List

A database is maintained with number of websites publically accessible.

Some of them are:


Mailing lists can also be found using Google website. In Google, move to directory and the follow: Computers > Internet >Mailing List > Directories.

Subscribing to Mailing List

Firstly for subscribing to a list, user should send an email message to the administrative address mailing list having commands. Consider, if you want to subscribe to Harry Potter list in where name of the list server us Majordomo, then you have to send email to containing the text, Subscribe harry potter in its body.

After sending the email, you will receive a confirmation email for your subscription. This email will include list of commands that will help you to perform various operations such as unsubscribing, receiving acknowledgement, and find out what list you are subscribed to.

Many list servers available having their own commands for subscribing to the list. Below table list few of them.

List Server Command Example
LISTSERV subscribe listname yourname subscribe commdhtml rahul
Majordomo subscribe listname subscribe commdhtml
ListProc subscribe listname yourname subscribe commdhtml rahul

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