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What is Intranet?

It is the private network of computers having its own server and firewall within an organization. It can also defined as-

  • Intranet is the system where number of computers connected in a network to each other. Outside this intranet, the computers are not available.
  • Every organization has their own intranet network and their employees access the computers in their intranet.
  • A unique IP address is given to each computer.



Intranet is reliable and efficient to organization. It provides cost-effectiveness, security, productivity and many more.



Employees within an organization can use chat, e-mail or blogs for the purpose of communication.

Time Saving

Data is shared in real time on Intranet.


Data is spread to the employees as per the need and only authorized users can access it.

Platform Independency

Using different architecture, computers are connected using Intranet.

Cost Effective

Instead of using hard copies, employees can browse the data in browser thus decreasing the cose.

Workforce Productivity

Since the data is reachable at anytime, employees can work very quick.

Business Management

Applications supporting business operations are easily deployed.


Information is very secure in intranet as its accessed only within an organization.

Specific Users

Since the intranet is within an organization, one can know whom he is communicating with.

Immediate Updates

Updates can be quickly sent out to the employees in intranet.


Along with benefits, there are issues with Intranet which are shown below -



Internet applications are same as Intranet applications but the difference is that the Internet applications are resided on remote server while the Intranet applications reside on local server.


Document publication applications

Without using paper, documents are published using document publication applications such as manuals, software guide, employee profits etc.

Electronic resources applications

It offers electronic resources such as software applications, templates and tools, to be shared across the network.

Interactive Communication applications

Similar to Internet, we do have chat and e-mail like applications for Intranet providing communication within organization.

Support for Internet Applications

Applications are deployed and tested in intranet environment before moving to Internet.

Internet vs. Intranet

Following are the differences between Intranet and Internet.



Localized Network.

Worldwide Network

Doesn't have access to Intranet

Have access to Internet.

More Expensive

Less Expensive

More Safe

Less Safe

More Reliability

Less Reliability

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