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What is Internet?

Internet is considered to be an Information super Highway. It can be defined in many possible ways.
  • Internet is the interconnection of computer networks with a world-wide global system.
  • Internet employs the standard Internet Protocol (TCP/IP).
  • Each and every computer within internet is recognized by a unique IP address.
  • Computer location is recognized by a unique set of numbers say
  • IP addresses are given a name with DNS (Domain Name Server) to locate a computer by a name.

Considering a DNS server, say is resolved to an IP address to identify uniquely the computer on which the website is hosted.

Internet can be accessed across the globe.



Let us discuss the evolution of Internet which originated in 1969.

  • The concept of Advanced Research Project Agency Network (ARPANET) originated the internet.
  • United States Department of Defense developed the ARPANET.
  • Providing communication with other government bodies is the basic purpose of ARPANET.
  • Initially, there were only four nodes, termed as Hosts.
  • Later in 1972, the nodes were spread over the globe situated at different countries and thus became Internet.
  • Internet acted like a medium to publish and access information over the web with the help of new technologies like DNS, WWW, TCP/IP protocols, browsers etc.


Many times the internet is used in every aspect of life, let us discuss few of the advantages -


Sitting in your home can connect you with people at remote locations made possible with many apps. Internet provides a medium for communication. Some of the social networking sites are -

  • Facebook
  • Yahoo
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Flickr

One can make use of internet and browse the information needed. Topics such as Health and Science, Geographical Information, Technology etc can be surfed with help of search engine.

One can make use of internet as a medium for entertainment. Few of the nodes for entertainment -

  • Online Television
  • Videos
  • Songs
  • Online Games
  • Social Networking Apps

Many other services are also used by Internet like:

  • Online Shopping
  • Matrimonial Services
  • Internet Banking
  • Online Ticket Booking
  • Online Bill Payment
  • E-mail
  • Data Sharing

Electronic commerce is provided with Internet allowing the business deals to be conducted on electronic systems.


Even though, Internet provides information in every subject, we can find many disadvantages as discussed below-


  • Chance of losing personal data such name, credit card number, address is high. One should be aware of using sites which are not trusted.
  • Spamming is another disadvantage corresponding to receiving unwanted e-mails in bulk which serve no purpose and slow down the system.
  • Computers can face attacks from Virus if connected to internet that may crash your entire system and deleting the data.
  • Pornography is the biggest threat where many sites are found with the data leading your children to use internet affecting their mental life.

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