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What is Email?

Messages can be sent in electronic mode over the internet using Email. It provides an efficient, inexpensive and real time means of spreading data among people.

E-Mail Address

It is a unique name for every user email account. Users can send and receive messages according to the e-mail address.
E-mail is in the form on username@domainname. Consider, is an e-mail address where username is webmaster and domain name is
A @ (at) symbol divides the username and the domain name.
  • E-mail addresses are not case sensitive.
  • E-mail address should not have spaces.

E-mail Message Components

E-mail message consists of many components: E-mail Header, Text, Greeting and Signature. Below diagram depicts the components.

E-mail Header

The top section in the E-mail message is called E-mail header. It contains below fields.
  • From
  • Date
  • To
  • Subject
  • CC
  • BCC
The From field designate the sender’s address i.e. who is sending the e-mail.
The Date field designates the date when the e-mail was sent.
The To field designates the receiver address i.e. to whom the e-mail is sent.
The Subject field designates the purpose of e-mail.
CC means Carbon Copy that includes the members whom we want to keep informed about but not exactly the actual recipient.
BCC means Black Carbon Copy used to copy members in the list whom are hidden from the mail recipient.
It is the opening of the message Eg. Hi Sir or Hi Guys etc.
It indicates the actual content of the message.
Final part of the message that includes Sender Name, address and contact number.


Below are the advantages of using E-mail.
  • Reliable
  • Convenience
  • Speed
  • Inexpensive
  • Printable
  • Global
  • Generality


It means the sender is notified if the message is undelivered.


No need of stationary and stamps and one do not have to go to post office. But all these are not needed for sending or receiving an e-mail.
Depending on the network used, speed varies. Usually E-mail is very fast.
User can send e-mail with no cost.
E-mail can be printed to obtain a hardcopy.
A person sitting across the globe can send and receive an e-mail.
It is also possible to send sounds, programs and graphics with an e-mail.


Along with advantages, there exists disadvantages as well.
  • Forgery
  • Overload
  • Misdirection
  • Junk
  • No response
Forgery is not preventable as the sender is not authenticated in any way.
Emails can flood due to convenience.
E-mail can be sent to unintended recipient leading to misdirection.
Junk emails are unwanted emails referred to as spam.
No Response
It may be frustrating when the recipient does not read the e-mail and respond on a regular basis.

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