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What are Email Etiquettes?

The word etiquette refers to the rules of personal behavior. We are not sure on the body language and the tone of voice etc. while communicating via email. Hence, there are certain acceptable behavior on email that are evolved known as Email Etiquette.

Below are the guidelines to follow when working with email:

  • Message should be easy to read and understood, make is as short as possible.
  • Message should have correct spelling and grammar.
  • When needed, use emoticon and smiles.
  • Make sure that the email addresses entered are correct.
  • Heading should be clear and descriptive.
  • If a message is forwarded or replied many times, it contains many angled brackets. Make sure those are removed from the message.
  • Mention the email addresses in the BCC field while sending mails to many persons, so that their addresses are kept hidden from the spammers.
  • Compress the attachment so that size is made small.
  • Do not forget to add your signature at the end of the email.
  • Make sure everything is correct and fine before sending it. Once it sent, it cannot be called back.

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