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What are the applications of IoT in environmental monitoring?

The applications of IoT in environmental monitoring is in the areas of environmental protection, extreme weather monitoring, water safety, endangered species protection, commercial farming. In all the applications, each and every type of the environmental change is detected and measured by the sensors.

Air and Water Pollution

The air and water safety monitory technology uses manual labour with advanced instruments and lab processing. This technology is improved by IoT by reducing the human labour requirements and allowing frequent sampling and increasing the sampling and monitoring range by using sophisticated testing on-site, and binding response efforts to detection systems. This enables in preventing substantial contamination and the disasters.

Extreme Weather

Though the powerful current advanced systems facilitates in deep monitoring, they lack the usage of broad instruments like radar and satellites. The instruments for smaller details lack the accurate targeting of the stronger technology.

A fine-grained data with better accuracy and flexibility is provided by IoT. High detail and flexibility in range, deployment and instrument type is required for effective forecasting. Early detection and early responses are allowed for preventing the loss of life and property.

Commercial Farming

The commercial farms used currently have exploited the advanced technology and biotechnology. More access to deeper automation and analysis is introduced by IoT.


Weather monitoring suffers from lack of precision and human labour is required in the area of monitoring and limits its automation.

The operations for removing much of the human intervention in the system function, farming analysis, and monitoring is allowed by IoT. The changes to the crops, soil and environment is detected by the systems and standard processes are analyzed by analysis of the large, rich data collections. Better control is allowed and health hazards are stopped from happening.

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