Internet of things (IoT) Tutorial

Internet of things (IoT) Tutorial

What do you understand by the term Internet of Things (IoT)?

In order to deliver complete systems for product or service, the networking, big data, artificial intelligence and sensing technology is exploited by an automated and analytics system known as Internet of Things (IoT). Greater transparency, increased performance and control is allowed by these systems when they are applied to any system or to any industry.

The unique flexibility and the ability to suit in any environment, feature of IoT systems are applied across industries. The process of data collection, automation, operations is being enhanced by the process as IoT facilitates with powerful enabling technology and smart devices.

The tutorial provides an introduction about the IoT concept along with the key concepts required for using and deploying IoT systems.

Who are the audience for learning the concept of Internet of Things (IoT)?

IT professionals, management professionals desired to gain knowledge about IoT concepts and students are the audience for this tutorial. On completion of this tutorial one will become expertise in IoT and its concepts and systems.

What are the prerequisites required for learning Internet of Things (IoT)?

Good knowledge and understanding of networking, databases, programming, sensing and related technology is required for learning the concept of IoT. Also good knowledge about related marketing and business concepts enables to better understand the concept of IoT.

Internet of things (IoT) Tutorial: List of Topics

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