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What are the emerging trends of Cyber Law?

The cyber cases that are related to interceptions and snooping are increasing at an alarming rate. To put a check on these crimes, quiet frequently the cyber laws are amended.

It is anticipated that more cyber attacks will be experienced in the next coming years and it is suggested that organizations need to strengthen the data supply chains by improving on the methods of inspection.

The emerging trends of the cyber laws are as follows:

  • In order to prevent unauthorized network access, regulatory rules have become more stringent and are followed by many countries and the acts are being declared as the penal offences.
  • For regulating the emerging mobile threats and crimes, the cyber-legal systems and administrations are reinforced as desired by the Stakeholders of the mobile companies.
  • Another upcoming trend is increasing awareness on the privacy as Google’s chief internet expert Vint Cerf has stated that privacy may actually be an anomaly.
  • Added feather to the cap of trends is Cloud computing. By this trend the data flows into the cloud by completely immuring to the cyber-crimes.
  • The growth of Bitcoins and other virtual currency is yet another trend to watch out for. Bitcoin crimes are likely to multiply in the near future.
  • One more major trend that is to be followed is the introduction of data analytics and its acceptance. Here Big Data required appropriate attention.

How to create awareness about the Cyber Laws?

A trend for implementing some of the stringent awareness scheme is followed in India for the general public. October is being declared as the National Cyber Security Awareness month by the US government.

General public hardly know about the Virus transfer crimes. And are not aware of the threats affecting the cyber-lives. Most of the internet users lack knowledge about e-commerce and online banking cyber-crimes.

Some of the tips that are to be followed when dealing with online activities are:

  • The visibility of the personal information on social sites needs to be filtered.
  • For email address and passwords, the "remember password" button should not be kept active.
  • Ensure using of a secure online banking platform.
  • Online shopping need to be done carefully.
  • Passwords are not to be saved on the mobile devices.
  • The login details for the mobile devices and computers need to be secured.

What are the areas of Development for Cyber Law?

The "Cyberlaw Trends in India 2013" and "Cyber law Developments in India in 2014" are two prominent and trustworthy cyber-law related research works provided by Perry4Law Organization (P4LO) for the years 2013 and 2014.

Immediate consideration by government of India is required for some of the issues related to cyber laws. Some of the issues are:

  • A strategy that effectively prevents the cyber-crimes and frames a better cyber law.
  • Training on the cyber crimes investigation.
  • Dedicated encryption laws need to be formulated.
  • The concept of Cloud computing should be given a legal acceptance.
  • E-mail policy has to be formulated and implemented.
  • Legal issues of online payments
  • The legal aspects of online gambling and online pharmacies need to be reconsidered.
  • The legal aspects of Bitcoins need to be reconsidered.
  • Framework for blocking websites
  • Regulation of mobile applications

In the near future the cyber-thefts and cyber crimes related to banks may increase. And hence Indian banks need to keep a dedicated team of cyber law experts and help in external experts.

The Indian insurance sector needs to increase the cyber-insurance transactions in line with increasing cyber-crime and cyber-attacks.

How to create International Network on Cybersecurity?

A conference for creating an international network on cybersecurity was held in March 2014 in New Delhi, India.

The objectives set in the International Conference on Cyberlaw & Cybercrime are as follows −

  • The developing trends in Cyberlaw and the legislation that impact the cyberspace need to be recognized.
  • In order to battle the latest kinds of cybercrimes that impact the investors of the digital and mobile network, a much better awareness program need to e initiated.
  • The areas for the stakeholders of digital and mobile network where Cyberlaw has to be evolved further needs to be recognized.
  • An international network of cyber crimes need to be created thus the cyber law legislation world-wide can have a significant voice in further expansion of the cyber crimes and cyber law legislations.

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