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You can add business names to sources, targets, and columns. Business names are descriptive names that you give to a source, target, or column. They appear in the Navigator in the Business Components source node and in the source and target nodes. Business names can also appear as column names of the source and target definition in the workspace. You can also create source qualifiers to display business names as column names in the Mapping and Mapplet Designers.

Adding Business Names to Sources or Targets

You can add business names to source and target definitions. When you import source definitions for PeopleSoft and SAP, the Designer imports business names.

To add a business name to a source or target:

  1. In the Source Analyzer or Target Designer, open the source or target definition.
  2. In the Edit Tables dialog box, click Rename.
  3. Enter the business name in the Business Name field.
  4. Click OK.

To display business names in the Navigator, enable the Display Table As Business Name option. The business name appears in the Navigator with the table name in parentheses.

Displaying Business Names in the Navigator

You can configure the Designer to display business names if they exist for source and target
definitions in the Navigator. When you enable business names to display in the Navigator, the table names appear in parentheses.

For example, if you create a source definition with the table name EMPLOYEES and business name Employee Data, the Navigator displays the business name with the table name in parentheses.

If you create a shortcut to a source or target when you enable business names to display in the Navigator, the Designer names the shortcut Shortcut_To_BusinessName.

Displaying Business Names as Column Names

You can display column business names in source and target definitions. You can configure the Designer to select business names as column names in the workspace. You can have duplicate column business names for source and target definitions.

Using Business Names as Port Names in Source Qualifiers

Use business names of source columns as port names in Source Qualifier transformations.

To add business names to existing Source Qualifiers in a mapping, you must enable the option to display business names.

Then delete the existing source and reimport it with the Source Qualifier.

If the source has no business names, the Source Qualifier contains the port names. If the business name contains characters that are not allowed as a port name, the Designer replaces each of the characters with an underscore (_). Business names usually contain spaces between words, which is not allowed in a port name. For example, the business name Employee Data becomes Employee_Data.

Tip:Avoid using PowerCenter reserved words, such as DD_INSERT, for business and port names.

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