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Business documentation provides details about a repository object or transformation expression. You can create and edit links to business documentation that you have developed for repository objects through the Designer. The documentation must reside on a local machine, network server, or company intranet or internet web site in a Windows environment.

You can develop business documentation in HTML, PDF, or any text format, for the following repository objects:

  • Source and target tables and table instances
  • All transformations and transformation instances
  • Mapplets
  • Mappings
  • Business component directories

To access business documentation, you need to complete the following tasks:

  • Specify the documentation path in the Designer.
  • Create a link in the repository object.
  • Click the link to view the documentation.

Specifying the Documentation Path

You specify a documentation path or root where you store the documentation files. You reference this path in the links you add to each repository object.

If you store the files on a local machine or network server, use a file path. If you place the files on the organization’s intranet or internet web site, use a URL.

Creating Links to Documentation Files

You can create links in repository objects to documentation files. Click these links in the Properties or Edit dialog box of each object to view the business documentation.

The links must be a valid URL or file path to reference a business document. Use either of the following formats:

  • Root variable. Use the string “file://$docroot” to refer to the documentation root you
    have specified in the documentation path field.

For example, if a document root is, the Designer points to
http:// doc/ finance/ vendors_help.html, but displays file://$docroot as part of the link.

  • Complete file path or link. Precede the file path with ://, such as file:// c: doc help or http:// / doc /help /. A file path must be preceded by file:// to be valid.

To create a link, edit the properties of the object. How you do this depends on the type of object you want to document. The following table summarizes how to create a link for repository objects:

Creating Links to Documentation Files

Viewing Business Documentation

When you click a link to business documentation, Windows launches the corresponding application to view the file.

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