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Enter initial values for mapping parameters and variables.
When you know a logical default value for a mapping parameter or variable, use it as the initial value when you create the parameter or variable. This allows the Integration Service to use the default value instead of a datatype based default value.

Enclose string and datetime parameters and variables in quotes in the SQL Editor.
When you use a string parameter or variable in a Source Qualifier transformation, enclose it in string identifiers recognized by the source system, such as single quotation marks.

Save all parameter files in one of the process variable directories.
If you keep all parameter files in one of the process variable directories, such as $SourceFileDir, use the process variable in the session property sheet. If you need to move the source and parameter files at a later date, you can update all sessions by changing the process variable to point to the new directory.

Create separate parameter files for reusable sets of parameters.
When you plan to rotate through sets of parameters for a session, create a parameter file for each set of parameters. Use pmcmd to start the session and specify the name of the parameter file you want to use, or edit the session to use a different parameter file.

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