Tips for Cubes and Dimensions - Informatica

Consider the following tips when working with cubes and dimensions:

  • If you want to copy a cube, you need to copy the folder that stores the cube.
  • To view the levels of a cube or dimension, you can either edit the cube or dimension or use the Navigator in the Repository Manager.
  • You cannot revert to previous versions of cubes or dimensions.
  • You can delete a cube or dimension from the Navigator.
  • You can delete a dimension using Targets > Create/Edit Dimension.
  • You cannot delete cubes and dimensions from the Target Designer workspace.
  • If you want to change a column in a fact table or dimension table, you need to edit the cube or dimension. You cannot edit a fact table or dimension table directly.
  • If you delete a level, the Designer deletes the associated level instances in hierarchies. The Designer also removes the level instance from any associated cubes.
  • A primary key is generated for each fact and dimension table. The format is GK_TABLE_NAME.
  • A foreign key is added to the appropriate fact table when you associate a dimension level instance to the fact table.
  • You can drag a cube to the workspace and then edit the cube and cardinality by double-clicking the links.
  • You cannot delete or create a link between fact and dimension tables in the workspace. You can only delete and create links in the Cube and Dimension Editors. You can create a graph in the hierarchy.

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