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Use business components to group and display sources and mapplets in a repository folder. A business component node appears in each repository folder in the Repository Manager and the Designer. You can add an unlimited number of directories to the business component tree.

A business component can refer a source, a mapplet, or a shortcut to a source or mapplet.

The following figure shows directories in which you group business components:

Managing Business Components

You can use the same source or mapplet multiple times in the business component tree.

If the business component tree is in a shared folder, all directories in the business component tree are shared.

Business Component Locking

The Designer locks the business component tree while its contents are being edited. You cannot copy a business component when the business component tree is locked.

Creating Links to Business Component Documentation

You can create and edit links that users click to view business documentation that you develop for business components and directories. Business documentation provides details about a particular repository object or transformation expression.

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