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Data lineage shows the flow of data from source to target. It shows the data flow at the data structure level and at the port level.

The following figure shows the data lineage for a PowerCenter mapping:

data lineage for a PowerCenter mapping

The figure shows data structures in the m_customers mapping. The data lineage shows that Customers is in the PowerCenter repository.

The Exp_Customers transformation is expanded, so the data lineage displays the details for Exp_customers, including the ports. The data lineage shows the upstream and downstream fields connected to the ports in Exp_customers. You can display the tooltip for the NEW_CUST_ID port to see the transformation logic.

The direction of the arrows in the data lineage shows the direction of the data flow. In the figure, the data lineage shows that data starts in the Customers source definition, traverses through the mapping, and then gets loaded into the T_CUSTOMERS target.

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