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You can add a user-defined function to an expression. If you enter a user-defined function when you manually create an expression, you must prefix the user-defined function with :UDF. When you create an expression with the Expression Editor, valid user-defined functions display on the User-Defined Functions tab. Use user-defined functions as you would any other function.

If you create a user-defined function, which is only usable in the Designer, the function only displays in the Designer.

When you select a user-defined function, the Expression Editor shows the function syntax in the following format:

<return datatype> <function name> (<argument 1> as <datatype>,<argument N> as <datatype>)

For example:

NSTRING RemoveSpaces(NAMES as string)

When you add the function to the Formula window, the function includes the prefix :UDF, as in the following example:

:UDF.RemoveSpaces( )

When you validate the expression, PowerCenter does not validate the user-defined function. It only validates the expression.

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