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Before you can create a cube, you need to create dimensions. Complete the following steps to create a dimension:

  1. Enter a dimension description.
  2. Add levels to the dimension.
  3. Add hierarchies to the dimension.
  4. Add level instances to the hierarchies.

Step 1. Create a Dimension

To create a dimension:

  1. In the Target Designer, click Targets > Create/Edit Dimension.
  2. The Dimension Editor displays.
  3. Click Add Dimension.
  4. Enter the following information:
    • Name. Dimension names must be unique in a folder.
    • Description. Enter a description for the dimension. This description appears in the Repository Manager.
    • Database type. The database type of a dimension must match the database type of the cube.
  5. Note:You cannot change the database type after you create the dimension.

  6. Click OK.

Step 2. Add Levels to the Dimension

After you create the dimension, add the needed levels. Levels hold the properties necessary to create target tables.

To add a level to a dimension:

  1. In the Dimension Editor, select Levels and click Add Level.
  2. Enter a name and description for the level.
  3. The Level name must be unique within the dimension.
  4. Click Level Properties.
  5. Click the Import from Source Fields button.
  6. The name of a level property must be unique within the dimension.
  7. Select a source table from which you want to copy columns to the level.
  8. The columns display in the Source Fields section.
  9. Select the columns you want to add to the level.
  10. Click the Copy Columns button to add source columns to the level.
  11. Click the Add Columns button to add a new column to the level.
  12. Click OK after you add all the columns.
  13. The Dimension Editor displays the new level.

Step 3. Add Hierarchies to the Dimension

To add a hierarchy to a dimension:

  1. In the Dimension Editor, select Hierarchies.
  2. Click Add Hierarchy.
  3. Enter a hierarchy name, description, and select Normalized or Non-normalized.
  4. Normalized cubes restrict redundant data. Non-normalized cubes allow for redundant data, which increases speed for retrieving data.

Step 4. Add Levels to the Hierarchy

After you create a hierarchy, you add levels to it. You can have only one root level in a hierarchy.

To add a level to a hierarchy:

  1. From the Dimension Editor, drill down to view the levels in the dimension.
  2. Drag the level you want to define as the root level in the hierarchy.
  3. The root level is the level of finest granularity.
  4. Enter a target table name and description of the target table.
  5. Click OK.
  6. A window displays a listing of all the objects affected by the new level.
  7. Click OK.
  8. The new level displays under the hierarchy.

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