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The Designer stores breakpoint information and Debugger configuration in the workspace files. If you copy a mapping or create a shortcut to another folder, or if you want to debug the mapping from another PowerCenter Client machine, you can transfer the breakpoints and configuration using the Save Configuration and Load Configuration options on the Debugger menu.

To save breakpoints and configuration associated with a mapping:

  1. Open the mapping with breakpoints and configuration that you want to save.
  2. Click Mappings > Debugger > Save Configuration.
  3. Save the file with a .dcf extension.
  4. When you choose an existing .dcf file, the Designer appends the configuration information to the file.
  5. If the file contains configuration information for the mapping, the Designer prompts you to verify that you want to overwrite the configuration.

Transferring Breakpoints and Configuration

You can transfer breakpoints and configuration information saved from one mapping to a different mapping.

To load breakpoints and configuration to another mapping:

  1. Make the .dcf file accessible to the PowerCenter Client machine where you want to load configurations.
  2. Open the mapping you want to load configuration.
  3. Click Mapping > Debugger > Load Configuration.
  4. The Open DCF File dialog box appears.
  5. Select the .dcf configuration file and click Open.
  6. If there are multiple configurations in the file, or if the Designer does not find a matching mapping name, the Designer displays a list of mapping configurations in the file.

  7. Select a mapping and click OK.

The Designer loads all breakpoint and configuration for matching mapping objects. It loads all configuration that is not dependent on mapping objects, such as the Integration Service and the option to discard target data.

Note:You cannot load breakpoints while the Debugger is active.

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