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Due to launch of the new economic policy, a number of measures were taken by the government for safeguarding the interest of the interest of the working class on account of their growing obsolescence resulting from technological transformation. The prominent among them were the policy changes made by the recommendations of Indian Labour Conference and setting up of the National renewal Fund. The amended ESI Act of 1989 was made applicable to non- seasonal factories also using power and employing 10 or more workers and non power using factories employing 20 or more workers. The wage limit for the workers to be covered under the Act has been raised from Rs. 16000 per month to 3000 2with effect from April 1992.

The standing Labour committee and the *Indian Labour conference which met in October 1995 industry 1995 respective took important decisions on matters pertaining Triparte the committee on plantation s was constituted which to labour standard employment vocational training and bounded labourers inspire committee on plantation queen constituted which review an Act force their purpose of strengthening health cove of,plantation workers.

The, Government has created a separate Women’s cell Directorate General of Training to boost employment potentials of women. The National Renewal Fund was established to provide funds for compensation of workers affected Restructuring or closure of industrial units to provide assistance to cover the cost of retaining and development of employees arising as result of modernization technological up gradation and industrial restructing and to provide funds for employment generation and social security net to labour needs arising from consequences of industrial restructuring these focus on the fact that since new economic policy was geared to meet the consequences that new economic policy may create on the labour force of the country.

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