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Determinants of Industrial Relations

  1. Measures for securing and preserving unity and better relations between workers and employers
  2. Arrange to probe and settle industrial dispute between employer employee or employer and employer or employee and employee, give proper representation to workers union and industrial federations of employers.
  3. Both the ultimate weapons of employers and employee – strike and lock out should be prevented at any cost. Proper relief to workers after a ‘lock out’ or ‘lay off’ through government agencies
  4. Workers participation at all levels and encourage give and take principle in collective Bargaining.
      Industrial relation requires a study regarding
      1. conditions of work
      2. Compensation paid for the sweat the worker makes
      3. Permanency of the job assured continuance of work or otherwise.
      The parties to Industrial Relations are
      1. Workers and their unions, the intelligence level knowledge of workers, background of worker leaders, real or bogus their linkage with political unions, are to be considered for the effective relations.
      2. Nature of employment and employers, whether benevolent, interested in workers or aiming to get as much profit as possible squeezing workers their attitude plays vital role in maintaining better relations. Whether they want to have team and growth of their team as a whole or just hire and fire system.
      3. Position of government, political whether opportunity favoring employers or interested in workers, are to be seen. Their interest in workers can be seen through their actions in creating Laws for labour welfare and implementing them effectively.

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