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The subordinate offices under the ministry of labour are: the Directorate General of Mines Safety and nine offices of Welfare Commissioners.

Directorate General of Mines Safety

The Organisation has its headquarters at Dhanbad (Jharkhand) and is headed by the Director- General of Mines Safety. At the headquarter, the Director-General is assisted by specialist staff-officers in mining, electrical & mechanical engineering, occupational health, law, survey, statistics, administration and accounts disciplines. The headquarters has also a technical library and S&T laboratories as a back-up support to the organization

Mission of DGMS:

The mission of DGMS is the reduction in risk of occupational diseases and casualty to persons employed in mines, by drafting appropriate legislation and setting standards, by overseeing compliance thereof and through a variety of promotional initiatives and awareness programmes creating an environment in which safety is given due priority.

Vision of DGMS:

The vision of DGMS is “To ensure nationally acceptable and internationally competitive standards of health, safety and welfare for employees of the Indian mines”.

Current functions of DGMS broadly include:

  1. Inspection of Mines;
  2. Investigation into:
    1. Accidents
    2. Dangerous occurrences – emergency response
    3. Complaints and other matters.
  3. Action taken consequent to inspection and enquiry.
  4. Grant of:
    1. Statutory permission, exemption & relaxations – pre-view of project reports & mining plans.
    2. Approval of mine safety equipment, material & appliances.
  5. Interactions for development of safety equipment, material and safe work practices through workshop etc.
  6. Development of Safety Legislation & Standards.
  7. Safety Information Dissemination.
  8. Conduct of Examinations for grant of competency certificates.
  9. Safety promotional initiatives including:
    1. Organisation of:
      • Conference on Safety in Mines
      • National Safety Awards
      • Safety Weeks & Campaigns
    2. Promoting:
      • Safety education and awareness programmes.
      • workers’ participation in safety management through:-
      1. workmen’s inspector
      2. safety committee
      3. tripartite reviews

Welfare Commissioners:

The nine offices of welfare commissioners are responsible for providing welfare facilities to the workers employed in mica, limestone and dolomite, iron ore, manganese and chrome ore mines and in the beedi and cinema industries.

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