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The central focus of union activity is collective bargaining, the process of arriving at compromises which settle disputes between an employer and an organization of his employees. It is called collective bargaining because the employees, as a group, select representatives to meet and discuss differences with the employer.

The unions objects is Collective Bargaining may be the following:

  1. To establish and build up union recognition as an authority the work place.
  2. To raise workers standards of living and win a better share in company's profits.
  3. To express in practical terms the workers desire to be treated with due respect and to achieve democratic participation in decisions affecting their working conditions.
  4. To establish orderly practices for sharing in these decisions and to settle disputes this may arise in the day to day life of the company.
  5. To achieve broad general objectives such as defending and as promoting the interests throughout the country.


Negotiation is where union representatives, discuss with management, the issues which affect people working in an organization. There may be a difference of opinion between management and union members. Trade unions negotiate with the employers to find out a solution to these differences. Pay, working hours, holidays and changes to working practices are the sorts of issues that are negotiated. In many workplaces there is a formal agreement between the union and the company which states that the union has the right to negotiate with the employer. In these organizations, unions are said to be recognized for collective bargaining purposes.

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