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The employer’s association or professional bodies were not included in any of the above definitions. The employee’s unions are different from that of the employers or professional bodies. The employee’s unions are primarily concerned with the terms and conditions of employment of their members. The employer’s associations on the other hand are concerned among other things with influencing the terms of purchase of services in favor of their members. Hence, the two should not be placed in one category.

The associations of professional members also differ fundamentally from employees unions. Professional associations include self employed as well as the employees where as trade unions consist only of the people who are employed by others. In India the term Trade Union refers besides employee’s organizations to employers association also. Similarly in Britain,even the associations of professional people such as Artists Federation of Musicians Unions are also recognized as Trade Unions. Thus trade unions are a major component of the modern industrial relation system. A trade union of workers is an organization formed by workers to protect their interests. I.e.improve their working conditions etc. All trade unions have objectives or goals to achieve, which are contained in their constitution and each has its own strategy to reach those goals.

Scope of Trade Union

Trade Unions are now considered a sub-system which seeks to serve the specific sub-groups interest and also considers itself a part of the organization, in terms of the latter’s viability and contribution to the growth of the community of which it is a part.

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