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Simply the relationship between employer and employee is called Industrial Relation.But it also covers the relation between employer vs.employer and employees vs.employees. To safeguard the interests of the all the parties, harmonious relationship is necessary for both employers and employees of the production.In order to maintain good relationship with the employees, the main functions of every organization should avoid any dispute with them or settle it as early as possible, so as to ensure industrial peace and harmony with higher productivity. The Industrial Relation relations also called as labor - management, employee-employers relation.

  1. Industrial Relation is deals with the manpower of the enterprise and the management which is concerned with – whether machine operator, skilled worker or manager.
  2. Industrial Relation is a relation between employer and employees, employees and employers and employees and trade unions. and the “process by which people and their organizations interact at the place of work to establish the terms and conditions of employment.” - Industrial dispute Act 1947

In fact, Industrial Relation encompasses all such factors that influence behavior of people at work. A few such important factors are details below:

  1. Process / Methods: The collective bargaining between both the employer and employee. The participation of workers’ in the Industrial Relation schemes in necessary. Others are disciplinary procedure, grievance readdress machinery, dispute settlements, union reorganization, revisions of existing rules, regulations, policies, procedures, hearing of labor courts, tribunals etc.
  2. Contents: There may be two parts includes the matter pertaining to employment conditions like pay, hours of works, leave with wages, health, and safety, disciplinary actions, lay-off, dismissals retirements etc., and other part are laws relating to such activities, regulations welfare, social security, industrial relations, etc.
  3. Institution / Establishment: The direct or indirect impact on the industrial relations systems is it includes government, employers, trade unions, union’s federations or associations, government bodies, labor courts, tribunals and other organizations.

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