Labour Administration Meaning

Efficient labour administration, capable of responding to changing and social conditions and justifying the confidence of both employers and workers , makes a vital contribution to the improvement of working conditions and at the same time to national development. Its contribution towards development of participation through social dialogue and tripartism has been recognized all over the world. Labour administration has increasingly acquired credibility on account of the fairness of labour policies, laws and regulations which are known and applied uniformly. It also contain elements of transparency as there is openness in decision-making which generally involves consultation with and participation by the parties concerned. Decision is generally taken after informing to the parties about the proposals.

Services in labour administration are made available without discrimination. Organisation for labour administration is generally open and responsible. It is accountable for its mandates and activities. In brief labour administration has come to contain elements of participation, credibility, transparency and responsibility.

Some if the specific contribution of labour administration has been the following:

  1. Formulation of labour policy consistent with the needs of the society and economy and taking into account the views of the parties effected;
  2. Establishment of uniform standards of labour and adaptation of steps for their effective observance and enforcement;
  3. Improvement of the working and living conditions of workers and protecting those who need special protection;
  4. Maintenance of industrial peace and harmony;
  5. Identification of the rights and obligations of the parties and ensuring their effective compliance;
  6. Promotion of co-operation among the parties and encouragement to consultation with and participation of the employers and workers;
  7. Penalizing those not complying with the provisions of laws, rules or regulations; and
  8. Making available the government services for ensuring compliance with the declared policies and programmes.

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