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The main objective of Counselling is to help the employee attain a better mental, emotional and physical health.A counsellor is the one who can help a person realize a better tomorrow by the attainment of self- confidence, self-development, patience and self-growth. The objectives of counselling are achieved through the counselling functions.

Functions of Employee Counselling

The counselling functions are the activities that can be done by counselling. The functions are:

  1. Advice:;

    Advice giving is not desired for counselling, as it s a process of self- growth which advising would hamper. But many a time's counsellors do have to advice so as to show/ guide the counselled towards a path of action.

  2. Reassurance:

    Counselling has to provide reassurance to the employee that he or she is progressing well and moving towards achieving the desired goal. Reassurance here can be meant as encouragement also. This is mostly in the case of the mid career managers where counsellor can only reassure that everything will work out Employees' Counselling fine and also encourage him or her to work as the desired goal is within reach.

  3. Communication:

    Counselling is mostly about proper communication. A proper communication is required to pass the employee problems to the management and also to air the views of the management to the employees. Communication skills such as listening, providing feedback and so on are required for an effective counselling session.

  4. Release of Emotional Tension:

    Counselling gives a scope to the employees to release their emotional tension. Emotional outbursts help the employee to release one's anger and frustration to a sympathetic listener,which in turn helps in subsiding the tension.

  5. Clarified Thinking:

    Discussing one's problem with someone helps the person to see those points and facts which have been overlooked earlier due to emotional involvement with the problem. The counsellor is not required to guide the person in such a case, as only listening to the outpouring will help.Once the counselled person starts speaking very soon many facts are clarified as the counselled starts thinking aloud which in turn results in rational and logical thinking and helps in solving the problems, real or imaginary.

  6. Reorientation:

    Reorientation is a result of clear thinking which helps an employee to assess oneself - one's potential and limitation and in accordance to them set new goals and values. Reorientation leads a person to have a better self-image and it also helps to treat the patients of depression. A clear self-image leads to be a more confident person and also a more effective worker.

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