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The budget is prepared and fixed on the recommendation of the governing body and member states make their contribution. Contribution are fixed on adhoc basis from year to year. India contributes 2.77% of the annual budget of the ILO.


India is a member of the ILO since its inception and it gave great fillip to labour legislation in India. India has adopted many of the conventions and recommendations on international standards for improvement in labour conditions, under Article 3 of the constitution of the ILO. India has been nominating non-government delegates and advisors to the ILC every year. One of the main functions of the ILC the legislative wing of the ILO is to formulate international labour standards. The ILC provides a forum for discussion and deliberation of international labour problems and then formulate the standard in the form of conventions and recommendations.

A convention is a treaty, which when rectified by a members stat, creates binding international obligations on that state. A recommendation creates no such obligation but is essentially a give to the nation action.

India has been one of the founder members of the ILO and has been taking advice part in its deliberations. The ILO has so far adopted 173 conventions and 180 recommendations. India has ratified 36 conventions. The Ilo standards have a decisive have been incorporated in the labour legislation. The ILO standards have a decisive impact on the factory, mines, social security and wage legislation in India. The AITUC owes its immediate origin to it. India’s Commitment to the ILO is reflected in its adherence to the institution of tripartism as a novel method of researching labour management conflicts.

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