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  1. Both management and unions should develop constructive attitudes towards each other
  2. All basic policies and procedures relating to Industrial Relation should be clear to everybody in the organization and to the union leader. The personnel manager must make certain that line people will understand and agree with these policies.
  3. The personnel manager should remove any distrust by convincing the union of the company’s integrity and his own sincerity and honesty. Suspicious, rumors and doubts should all be put to rest.
  4. The personnel manager should not vie with the union to gain workers loyal to both the organization. Several research studies also confirm the idea of dual allegiance. There is strong evidence to discard the belief that one can owe allegiance to one group only.
  5. Management should encourage right kind of union leadership. While it is not for the management to interfere with union activities, or choose the union leadership, its action and attitude will go a long way towards developing the right kind of union leadership. “Management gets the union it deserves” is not just an empty phrase. Management’sattribution.

This has always remained as a disputable topic whether industrial relations is same as personal relation, human relation or labour management employer employee or union and management relations. A discussion on industrial relation considers all these as almost same.

Definition of Industrial Relations

As per Dale Yoder Industrial Relations refers to the relationship between management and employees, or employees and their organization that arise out of employment. Teed and Metcalfe observed Industrial Relations are the composite approach of the attitudes and approaches of the employers and employees towards each other with regard to planning, Supervision, direction and unification of the activities of a set up with less friction and more co-operation with mutual effort for others well-being.

Suggestions to Improve Industrial Relations

The suggestions to improve Industrial relations are .The essence of good industrial relation lies in the bringing up of good labour relations which gives a forum to understand each other (employer, employee) properly. Creates co-operative thinking and working to achieve the goal of the organization. A good Industrial Relations increases the morale of employers and goods them to give their maximum, each think of their mutual interest which paves way for introduction of new methods, developments and leading to adoption of modern technology. This progressive ways when designed with their mutual interest and consent develops many incentive propositions, effective participators forum is created in management. Profit are shared, workers get their dues in the organization leading to job satisfaction-which is needed for good relations. Good industrial relation increase production, improves quality of work and products efficiency of workers increased. Cost of production lowered.

Bad Industrial Relations leads to industrial unrest industrial dispute and downward trend to industries workers and the nation. Of course the first hit will be on the employer, who has invested. Industrial worker and the employers normally don’t think, feel or act in precisely the same way and because each starts from a different point conflict of some fort can mover be eliminated completely.

The main reasons for industrial discard, can be due to

  1. Misunderstanding or differences in perception
  2. Lack of co operation real or imagined
  3. Problems with authority
  4. Future to comply with policies or stick to plans.
  5. His Agreements over ways to achieve agreed goals.
  6. Conflict can have some positive aspects also, they may give positive results like
  7. Reveal new aspect of an existing issue
  8. Improve long term communication between the individuals concerned
  9. Always previously stifled emotions to be released

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