Employee Counselling Introduction - Industrial Relations Management

The latest trend catching up in the corporate HR across the world is 'Employee Counselling at Workplace'. In the world of ever increasing complexity and the stress in the lives, especially the workplaces of the employees, employee counselling has emerged as the latest HR tool to attract and retain its best employees and also to increase the quality of the workforce.

In today's fast-paced corporate world, there is virtually no organisation free of stress or stress-free employees. The employees can be stressed, depressed, suffering from too much anxiety arising out of various workplace related issues like managing deadlines meeting targets,lack of time to fulfill personal and family commitments or bereaved and disturbed due to some personal problems.

Organisations have realized the importance of having a stress-free yet motivated and capable workforce. Therefore, many companies have integrated the counseling services in their organisations and making it a part of their culture. Organisations are offering the service of employee counselling to its employees

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