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  • Arbitrator
  • A private, neutral person chosen to arbitrate a disagreement, as opposed to a court of law. An arbitrator could be used to settle any non-criminal dispute, and many business contracts make provisions for an arbitrator in the event of a disagreement. Generally, resolving a disagreement through an arbitrator is substantially less expensive than resolving it through a court of law.

  • Average pay
  • Taken literally, the average salary of a particular position is the mathematical "mean" of the salaries of all people employed in that position. This number is calculated by adding up all the salaries of people working in the position and then dividing that sum by the number of people working in the position. The number received is the "average" salary. Most organizations that track career salaries, such as Pay scale, calculate this number through a sampling of people

  • Award
  • An interim or a final determination of any industrial distribute or of any question relating thereto by any labour (court), industrial Tribunal or national Tribunal and includes an arbitration award

  • Conciliation officer
  • Means conciliation officer appointed under (1) Act to make conciliatory effort between employer and employees to bring amity.

  • Labour Court
  • A court in some countries that deals with cases or disagreements involving employers and employees.

  • Public utility Service
  • Anorganization which provides a basic service to the public, such as water, energy, transportation, or telecommunications. Firms providing these services are sometimes given monopoly status by the government, when doing so is perceived to be in the best interest of the consumers.

  • Settlement
  • Means a settlement arranged or in the course of conciliation proceedings andinclude a written agreement between the employer and workmen arrived at otherwise than in the course of conciliation proceeding where such agreement has been signed by the parties there to in such manner as may be prescribed and a copy there of has been sent to an officer authorized in this behalf by the appropriate government and the conciliation officer It means an adjustment arrived at in the course of conciliation proceeding before a conciliation officer or before Board of conciliation. It also includes a written agreement between the employer and the workmen otherwise than in the conciliation proceedings. In such a case the agreement must be signed by the parties in the prescribed manner and a copy of which must be sent to an officer authorized in this behalf by the appropriate government and the conciliation officer. Thus the settlement indicates the agreement arrived at either in the conciliation proceedings or otherwise between employer and the workmen.

  • Wages

All remuneration capable of being expressed in terms of money which would if the terms of employment expressed or implied, were fulfilled, be payable to a workman in respect of his employment or of work done in such employment – includes

  1. Allowances
  2. House revert allowance
  3. Traveling concession
  4. Commission for sale or business does not include bonus, gratuity provident fund etc.
  • Workman

Any person employed in an industry to do any manual and unskilled, skilled,technical, operational Clerical or supervisory work for hire or reward whether the terms of employment be express or implied, and for the purpose of any proceeding under 1.D Act in relation to q 1.D includes any such person who has been dismissed discharged or retrenchment in connection with or as a consequence of that dispute or whose dismissal discharge or retrenchment has led that dispute, but does not include – Navy, police, managerial, administrative position holders or working with wages exceeding one thousand six hundred rupees per month

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