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Characteristics of Counselling

Some characteristics of Counselling are:

  • Counselling is a communication between the counsellor and the counselled. It's an exchange of ideas between the two.
  • Counselling is a process and not an advice giving procedure. It is a long-term process 'and takes some time for the person(s) involved to understand the problem and learn how to cope with it.
  • Counselling is about clarifying and helping the counselled to handle him or her in the time of crisis and be able to meet the demands of life.
  • Both professional and non-professional counsellors can provide counselling.
  • Counselling is usually private and confidential so that the employee is free to' speak out without a fear of retribution i.e. penalty from the employers.
  • Counselling is beneficial to the organisation as it helps to solve problems relating to both job and personal life of the employees; thus helping them perform better on the job and also giving a more humane look to the organisation

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