CAUSES OF INDISCIPLINE - Industrial Relations Management

It is very difficult to prepare an exhaustive list of the reasons which lead employees to indiscipline. In fact, a number of social, economic, cultural and political reasons contribute to indiscipline in an organisation.

Causes of Indiscipline in Organisation

Important among these causes are the following:

  1. Ineffective leadership which cannot control, coordinate and motivate workers.
  2. Low wages and poor working conditions.
  3. Lack of promotional opportunities due to which people feel stagnated.
  4. Absence of any code of conduct to regulate behaviour on both sides.
  5. Lack of timely redressal of workers' grievances.
  6. Unfair management practices.
  7. Defective communication system.
  8. Lack of workers' education.
  9. Uninteresting work.
  10. Drunkenness and family problems.
  11. outside political influences.
  12. Excessive work pressure.

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