Integrated Individual Behavior Model - Individual and Group Behavior

What is Integrated Individual Behavior Model?

This model will help you in finding out a best decision to execute a task effectively and efficiently. An individual purpose can be analyzed based on the study of three factors – Personal Agency, Attitudes and Perceived Norms.

Integrated Individual Behavior Model


A person’s overall unpromising and promising perception to a behavior is called Attitude, that consists acquiring knowledge and feelings. This is of 2 types as below -

  • Experiential attitude
  • Instrumental attitude

Experiential attitude or affective attitude is the individual’s emotional reaction to plan of behavior performance.

Instrumental attitude or cognitive attitude is decided on the thoughts about behavior results.


Perceived Norm

It is the pressure that one feels from the society in achieving or abstaining a specific behavior.

There are two categories which perceived norms can be group into-

  • Injunctive norm
  • Descriptive norm

Injunctive norm base on the thoughts of how others feel about one on the things to do.

Descriptive norms describes the perception on how and what others in their personal or social relations think. They catch hold of situations in case of strong socially environment.

Perceived Norm

Personal Agency

It associates with person’s ability to generate and target actions to specific purpose. It is of 2 parts -

  • Self-efficacy
  • Perceived control

Self efficacy is a person’s thinking of her/his capability in executing the work allotted and showing the acquired skill.

Perceived control is a person’s controlling ability towards behavioral conduct and is solved by restricted thoughts.

Personal Agency

By joining all the parts above, we come up a final model. This is based on the individual’s decision making with current information regarding the situation, habit, behavior and surroundings.

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