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What is Individual Behavior?

Individual behavior is the feelings towards internal and external stimuli combined. Every person behaves differently in different situation with different emotions such as love, pain, happy, anger and etc.

We shall discuss more on individual behavior framework and other factors associated with it here.

Individual Behavior Framework

Kurt Lewin, psychologist, on the basis of these factors discovered the Field theory. He outlined the individual behavior framework. The theory briefs us on the interaction patterns between an environment and individual. Below formula describes the theory -

B = F(P,E)

where, B – Behavior, F - Behavior Function, P – Person, and E - Environment around the person.

Consider a person who is payed well with the job but lost his job during recession, he will behave differently when employed and unemployed.

Individual Behavior Framework

Causes of Individual Behavior

Person behaves in a way his characteristics are set to the daily life circumstances. There are two types of characteristics -

  • Inherited characteristics
  • Learned characteristics

Inherited Characteristics

These are inherited from the parents or from forefathers, they are also known to be gifted characteristics from birth.

Below are the features for inherited characteristics -

  • Color of a person’s eye
  • Religion/Race of a person
  • Shape of the nose
  • Shape of earlobes

Learned Characteristics

People doesn’t learn everything from their birth. Home is our first school and then society and then education. Learned characteristics is what we learn from see, do and practice from people and surroundings.

Below are its features -

  • Perception – Senses such as hearing, feeling and etc.
  • Values – They impact the people view on decision making, situation.
  • Personality – Behaving, understanding, thinking and feeling.
  • Attitude – Expressing one thoughts in positive or negative attitude.

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