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What is Deviant Workplace Behavior?

Co-workers tend to take bitterness due to the Workplace deviance. In order to achieve the desired success, companies put forward policies in creating conformity atmosphere and healthy office cultures.

We can observe such deviant behavior in any organizations, eventually sabotaging the task. Below are the two deviant behavior types -

Aggressive Behavior

Employees sometimes tend to deviate from workplace behavior and turning aggressive. In present workplace, there are people with different cultures, nationalities and some might get deviated due to this.

Bullying, harassing sexually, treating badly towards others are few examples.

Unproductive Behavior

Activities that lead to reducing the performance and productivity are also a kind. Few examples are where employees wasting time by taking pleasure in standing near cooler to get rid of heat, making calls by scenic route and lengthening the time for completing a work.

Few more are lying about health even though being in good form, coming late to office, leaving early, having long breaks.

Below are the few more deviant behavior types -

Abuse of Property

Damaging office property or misusing them for personal use such as vehicles, printer, taking away the equipments from office and not returning them back.

Company Politics

This is treated as a common thing in organizations such as an employee spreading bad talk about other in order to get promotion or an assignment that is easy.

Consider a manager who shows partiality to an employee can help them by avoiding others, this is also a kind of deviant behavior.

Employee morale gets impacted by people who spread bad talks.

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