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What are Indian Polity Fundamental Duties?

Under Role IV 'An', Article 51A of the Indian Constitution portrays the accompanying "Essential Duties" (i.e. the obligation of each subject of India).
  • To submit to the Constitution and regard its standards and establishments, the National Flag and the National Anthem;
  • To esteem and take after the respectable beliefs which roused our national battle for flexibility;


  • To maintain and ensure the sway, solidarity and honesty of India;
  • To shield the nation and render national administration when called upon to do as such;
  • To advance agreement and the soul of basic fellowship among every one of the general population of India rising above religious, etymological and territorial or sectional decent varieties; to repudiate hones injurious to the poise of ladies;
  • To esteem and safeguard the rich legacy of our composite culture;
  • To secure and enhance the indigenous habitat including woods, lakes, streams and untamed life, and to have empathy for living animals;
  • To build up the logical temper, humanism and the soul of request and change;
  • To protect open property and to renounce brutality;
  • To endeavor towards magnificence in all circles of individual and aggregate action with the goal that the country always ascends to larger amounts of accomplishment; and
  • When a parent or guardian providing education opportunities to their children their ward must be in between the age of six and fourteen years.

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