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What is Impromptu Speaking - Abstract Conversation?

Abstract conversations part of topics that don’t limit the speaker to imagine and develop the content. Speaker is open to imagine/fly in any way along with his thoughts for example ‘Black’.

Any average speaker if given topic ‘Black’, start thinking about black color with no variations, no hue. How the black color influences his/her life and at what all places he/she might have seen that color. Nothing more interesting.

A major issue with Speakers is that they can’t imagine beyond a limit and can’t develop creative ideas on abstract ideas. They stick to the meaning and do round about.

A truly engaging speaker will come up with creative stuff with black as ‘the apartheid’ while most of them stick to color. The topic ‘black’ has not much to do with environmental, social or geo-political concerns. Speaker is free to think about black as void therefore speaking on black hole. He can interpret the topic in number of ways possible.

Innovation in Thinking

In abstract topics, speaker has the freedom to imagine out of box concept and speak on it. He/she can turn it up to their way as they wish and most important thing here is the widening of thoughts.

In general, we find abstract topics in form of idioms, proverbs, famous quotes etc. one of such proverb is “one can take a horse to water but can’t make it to drink”.

However, abstract topics are not associated with education, environment, society, geo-politics etc but can be shaped into any one of them. From the above proverb, an average speaker might think about it and speak on the forcing people to perform something which doesn’t help them. Few examples were criminals, even after being in prison they won’t change much.

Can’t We Think of Something Innovative?

Why can’t we cite an example of Indian freedom fighters who fought endless campaigns to threaten the British. Everyone connects with this example, the engineering students who are made to study forcefully across the country who end up with nothing as they are not interested in subject.

Unless such topics are considered for debates, they won’t require a solid conclusion. Suppose for ‘Black’, the focus should be on generating ideas and not on shaping out the listeners opinions. Here the aim is not to have a takeaway for the audience but to reach deep into the several faces of the topic.

Application of Abstract Topics

Many B-schools selection rounds and campus placements are considering students based on Abstract topics. They are must for essay writing contests. With abstract topics, there can be debates as well. For example, the topic ‘Do an early bird will always successful in catching a worm?’ where the speakers can talk at a stretch on the topic.

Speakers can quote examples of how the entrepreneurs like Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg started their dream early in life and succeeded, and the way it helped in grabbing opportunities. On the other hand, debaters can take examples as Boman Irani who started late in his film career but managed to reach the top position in his professional field.

We are living in practical world; no one cares about theory unless it is proved. Consider the example, where the topic is ‘Black’. Define the black in what ever strikes your mind at that moment. If the speaker is from science backdrop, they come up with scientific definition of the topic which should be understandable by a non science.

“The color black absorbs the wavelengths of the entire universe and it is the color which encircles us in all ways.”

This can be used in forming the context of our speech. Moving ahead with each parameter forming proper structure to the speech will result in good speech. Let us dive in how to develop the content of the speech.

Some examples for the abstract topics are listed below -

  • Beauty is only skin deep.
  • Don’t judge a book by its cover.
  • Red and blue.
  • United we stand, divided we fall.
  • Strike the iron while it is hot.

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