Applying SPHELHTERI: P for Political - Impromptu Speaking

What is Applying SPHELHTERI: P for Political?

Next, the focus of the speaker should be on the political side of the subject. Speaker should showcase the brighter side as well as the other face of it for politicians and politics.

AS we did it for social characteristics, we will divide the political characteristic into three -

  • Cause – Specify the importance it has in politics. Is your subject necessary for the political sector? Here, think what made the television as an inevitable item for politicians. Is there any alternative instead of TV? If yes, speak about it.
  • Effect – What kind of affects it can result in politics with our subject involvement? In our example, How political sector is affected by TV? How it will mould our thoughts on politics? What about the positive effects and negative effects of TV in politics?
  • Solution – If there are any positive effects, then how can they be amplified and if there are negative effects how can they are addressed.

Following is the sample section prepared -

With the invention of TV sets, radios have become less in number as even the remote places of the country are using Television. Even then as internet is not reachable as of now, best alternative is TV. (Cause)

Political Speeches

Politicians are aware of the fact that many people watch TV during leisure hours and they can use it for political campaigns. Using TV, they publish advertisements on their party and notices issued. TV is the best way to reach out to large number of people than any other means.

People are attracted to a party with the speeches that are aired on TV that result in favor of a party. (Effect)

However, TV can also be used by journalists to focus on the wrong politicians and to spread awareness on such people. Recently, TV is considered as a tool by many politicians in spreading their false views in the larger section on people. (Effect)

We should criticize such trials done by our politicians and media should be supported which expose the evil of wicked politicians. By doing so, positive influence towards TV is maximized. Additionally, it’s the duty of politicians to not misuse the TV to spread false views and promises. (Solution)

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