Applying POPBEANS: P for Person - Impromptu Speaking

What are Applying POPBEANS: P for Person?

Firstly, imagine the topic and people related with it or the people who already in their life have spoken about it. Consider Wright Brothers to sky, to courage, to determination, to flight, to science etc.

You can associate a person to your subject like Mother Teresa for resolve, charity, compassion, women power, cultural exchange etc. And Nelson Mandela to characteristics like endurance, peace, forgiveness and patience.

Speaker Needs To Ensure

Speaker should be aware and make sure the examples that are being said are associating to good features like friendship, compassion etc when talking about people with positive qualities. Similarly, for negative connotation topics, examples should be throwing light on people with negative qualities. It is of no use to speak on charity for Hitler and ethics for Satyam Company.

Below example, we are going to discuss on ‘black’. Think on what all can be related to this color?

First to come to your mind is Martin Luther King Jr. or Nelson Mandela. However, the ideas should not be confined to personalities only. Think apartheid as one of an epidemic and how the blacks are facing discrimination across the world.

India is not an exception here. We are ruled by British and hated us because of our different color. Even though being a black, Jesse Owens stood against race and achieved Olympics, think about it. Do you think Obama didn’t face any resistance when he stood as a presidential candidate in the US elections for the first time? Rewind the history where the people just because of being black, how they faced problems and struggled in their life. This generates whole lot of ideas to speak.

Below is the sample script for the subject -

First thing striking our mind when thinking about black is that constant torture and the following struggle that was preordained to the black people. Black is just a color and not a deciding attribute for anyone’s progress, status in society and this is proven by people like Nelson Mandel and Martin Luther King Jr.

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