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What are Applying POPBEANS: B for Beliefs?

We consider people’s faith, perceptions and opinions as Beliefs. They differ between people, culture and nation. As a speaker, take care in addressing audience as they should not get hurt of their sentiments while speaking on beliefs.

You speech might turn negative if you mock any culture in India as people might be of different cultures and traditions. By doing so, you turn out to be a bad speaker and your speech will not have any value.

We are going to talk on how our beliefs and faith are related to our subject of speech. For example, consider beauty which our philosophers or scriptures had never related the facial beauty with the inner beauty. You can think of two proverbs that suits well “Don’t judge a book by its cover” and “Beauty is only skin deep”. We are taking on black in this topic.

Imagine how black is related to our beliefs and faith. It is a symbol of evil as per Indian culture. Evil is resembled by black mark. While in Japan, black is considered as revered or good color and is related with beauty. If you see in all cultures, demons are depicted in black and is symbol for sadness and gloom.

Below is the sample script on the topic.

Since ages, black is considered to be inherent part of our cultures. We can found its usage in tantric texts and scriptures. General idea on black color to all humans is shame, horror and gloom. As a symbol of embarrassment and stigma, black spot is used and applying black ash on face is similar to severe embarrassment one is going to face.

If you see the demons placed outside Indian homes, there are in black. They are symbol of stopping dark forces and evil spirits from entering home. There is another belief to this in Japan where until nineteenth century women used to dye their color black as it will bring in more beauty is their belief.

In Chinese tradition, color black is related with winter, water and north direction. In some countries like Spain, Greece, Mexico, Italy and Portugal, widows are not allowed to wear clothes of black color for their entire life. Black is considered as sign of bad luck by Thai people.


Black is uniform color considered for mourning especially in western countries. But that is not all with it, as people wear black in party and formal occasions. In Feng Shui, it is related with stability, success, prosperity, income, water, money and wealth. One should remember that text is in black color and that is why we are able to read clearly.

Black is treated as desired attire for business conferences and parties. Most of them doesn’t know this but in some cultures, priests wear black. Even most of idols are made of black stone of Hindu deities. Overall, black color is rooted deep inside of our culture and traditions and our faith and belief have indisputable link with black color.

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