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Implementation of B2B integration applications and or appliances requires many skill sets. The roles described next can be assigned to a single person or multiple people depending their skill sets.

Solution Architect
The Solution Architect is responsible for working with the network and security teams to design an architecture that meets the security requirements. Key trading scenarios will be thoroughly discussed and documented and all back-end integration options will be defined. The Solution Architect will assist with areas such as firewall configuration, network configuration, and setup of day-to-day processing scripts for the administrator as needed. The Architect role is often combined with the Project Lead and B2B Specialist roles.

Project Lead/Project Manager
The Project Lead is responsible for managing the project and assisting in the development of all plans and the project schedule. The Project Lead role is often combined with theArchitect and B2B Specialist role.

B2B Specialist
The B2B Specialist is responsible for the installation and configuration of the Business-to-Business Integration (B2Bi) solution, Partner Ramping, and Support. The B2B Specialist will provide knowledge transfer to personnel throughout the project and will participate at various levels in all phases of the project.

The developer is responsible for implementing and unit testing custom code (user exits), maps, and XSLT. The developer might also provide assistance during the integration phase of the project.

QA Analyst
The QA Analyst is responsible for functional and performance testing of the B2B solution to ensure it will meet the customer’s business requirements. The QA Analyst role is oftencombined with one of the specialist roles.

System Administrator
The System Administrator is responsible for day-to-day operations of the B2B environment and will be responsible for the configuration and monitoring of the systems andsoftware.

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