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There is a strong trend for companies to integrate existing systems to implement IT support for business processes that cover the entire business cycle. Interactions in the B2B world are typically presented using a variety of schemes that can be extremely rigid point-to-point architectures,as in the case of electronic data interchange (EDI).

Many companies have already made some of their IT systems available to all of their divisions and departments, or even their customers or partners on the Web. However, techniques for collaboration vary from one case to another and are thus proprietary solutions; systems often collaborate without any visionary architecture.

Thus,there is an increasing demand for technologies that support the connecting or sharing of resources and trading data in an extremely flexible and standardized manner. Furthermore, there is a need to further structure large applications into building blocks in order to use well-defined components within separate business processes. A shift toward a service-oriented approach not only standardizes interaction, but it also allows for more flexibility in the process.

Furthermore,in the B2B world, a common pattern for this kind of business need is to use SOAP Messages with Attachments to exchange the trading information using a Web service client, developed with the Web Services Description Language (WSDL) that we provide to our trading partner, so that the trading partner knows how to handle their requests to us.In this scenario, we present one possible solution to provide this new facade into the WebSphere DataPower B2B Appliance XB60.

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