Partner Ramping Effort Estimator (hours per Partner) - IBM Websphere

Table below estimates the time Partner Ramping takes.

Partner Ramping effort estimator

Partner Ramping effort estimator

Note: These hours are just rough estimates for ramping a single partner. There are many factors that can increase the effort required to successfully connect to a partner with the major issue usually revolving around interoperability and certificate management. Theassumptions used when estimating these hours are:

  • No interoperability issues are discovered. If issues arise because the partner is using another B2B Trading Engine or the partner has improperly configured their engine (certificates, protocol, headers, and so forth), it can take as many as 40 to 80 hours to troubleshoot the problem and ramp the partner.
  • FTP, e-mail, messaging (MQ), and Web Service servers are installed andare ready to accept connections from IBM Integration applications and appliances.
  • All firewalls and proxies have been configured to allow access to the systems forinbound and allow access to the Internet for outbound.
  • Transformation and mapping efforts are for simple maps or XSLT's. If more complex maps are required, the effort will increase. The estimate includes creation, testing, and deployment of the map. A mapping analysis must be done for projects that have a large number of maps prior to giving estimates for the mapping effort.

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