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The backup and export utility copies specified configuration data from the appliance to a file in the export: directory. You can optionally download the file to your workstation.

The (default file name) file can be accessed from the export: directory on the flash file system. Click the File Management icon. Select the export directory. The contents of this directory contain the file that was created.

Important:Exported configuration data must not be imported to an appliance with an earlier firmware release level. Between releases, configuration data for properties can change. If you attempt to import configuration data from an appliance of a later firmware release level into an appliance of an earlier firmware release level, the operation might report success, but the configuration data might not be the same. Therefore, as a best practice, use this utility to exchange configuration data among appliances of the same release level.

Entire appliance configuration
The entire XB60 DataPower appliance configuration can be exported for archive and recovery purposes. The export function copies configuration data from the device to a development workstation.

The exported appliance configuration can be imported to the same XB60 appliance for recovery purposes or to a separate XB60 appliance of the same release level for cloning purposes in the case of a High Availability configuration.The Export Configuration can be accessed by clicking Export Configuration in the Files and Administration section of the Control Panel.the export options offered when exporting the system information.

Export Configuration

Export Configuration

Entire domain
Best practices dictate that individual domains are backed up on a regular basis.These exports can then be archived on an external Software Configuration Management(SCM) system and available for reimporting into an XB60 domain. The export procedure can also be scripted via CLI commands to create an automated process.

Specific configuration objects
You can copy configured objects, such as B2B Gateway Services and trading partnerprofiles.

B2B Gateway Services
Configured objects, such as a B2B Gateway Service, can also be copied to leverage this configuration in other domains on the current XB60 or on another XB60 entirely. Export options allow the inclusion of all referenced objects to the main object or just individual objects. There is a similar option to include referenced local files that are used by an exported object.

These exported objects can be saved in XML format or, more commonly, as a compressedZIP format.

Referenced object options are:

  • Include all objects required by selected objects
  • Include only the selected objects

Export file options are:

  • Export all local files
  • Export files that are referenced by selected objects
  • Export no files

Trading partner profiles
Much like the ability to export whole B2B Gateway Services, we can, at a more granular level, export objects, such as trading partner profiles, and import these objects into another domain or to another XB60 appliance. Exporting trading partner profiles allows rapid configuration of other B2B Gateway Services that can make use of the existing partner profile information.

To export specific trading partner profiles, use the Export Configuration option as seen in Figure below and select Export configuration and files fromthe current domain. In the Export Configuration view, you can then select the specific trading partner profiles toexport.

Exporting trading partner profiles

Exporting trading partner profiles

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