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By default, the device is locked down. Enablement of the device interfaces is accomplished using the serial port on the device. Connect a serial cable to the device prior to switching the power ON. Also,connect the power cords for both power supplies in order to take advantage of power supply redundancy and to avoid getting repeated error messages in the appliance log. If the terminal or personal computer is not equipped with a serial port, acquire and use a USB-to-serial cable. Ensure that the terminal or personal computer is configured for standard 9600 baud, 8N1, and no flow control. It is a good idea to read this short chapter prior to the installation.

To initialize the device:

  1. If the device is not turned on, toggle the power switch to the ON position. The power switch is on the rear of the device. You will see the green power light-emitting diode (LED) illuminate on the front of the device and hear the fans start up. You will hear the fans change speed as the following information appears on the display: DPOS
  2. Wait for a few seconds for the device to boot and the prompt login as: to appear.
  3. Press the Enter key, because this first prompt will not accept input and always yields the message
    “Unauthorized access prohibited.
  4. Now enter admin. The Password: prompt appears.
  5. Type the default password admin.
  6. Read and accept the license agreement.
  7. After accepting the license agreement and the proof of entitlement, the Please enter new password:prompt appears.
  8. Type a new password. The Please re-enter new password to confirm: prompt appears.
  9. Enter the new password again.
  10. After completing these steps, the terminal will display the appliance model, version information, and serial number.

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