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At the beginning of the Internet era, IBM invented the term e-business to give a name to a new class of powerful software applications and services that, in its vision, needed to be developed in the following years. This class of applications derives its power from combining the universal access and standards of the Internet with the reliability, security, and availability of existing content, core business processes, and applications.

In simplified terms, e-business refers to the use of Internet technologies to improve and transform key enterprise processes. Most organizations understand this concept and have begun the transformation from traditional applications to their e-business counterparts. This transformation has begun to Web-enable core processes to strengthen customer service operations, streamline supply chains, and reach existing and new customers

e-business affects virtually every industry. The pace might vary, but the impact is still being felt. Industry players need to at least consider the changes that e-business will have on their industry in general and their company in particular.

Those “out in front” might face more risks, but they also harvest the rewards of creating and sustaining real competitive advantage. Those practicing a wait-and-see strategy might not get locked out of the game, but they will at best run with the pack.

Even with the fall of dot-com companies, most companies still recognize the need to at least take steps down the path to becoming an e-business company.

Probably one of the best-known applications of e-business is e-commerce, which refers to buying and selling activities over a digital medium. However, e-business embraces e-commerce and includes intranet applications

Note:e-business, now referred to as On Demand Business, is a broad concept and can affect nearly all aspects of your business. It is the overall strategy, where e-commerce is an extremely important subset of e-business.

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